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Azure Event Hub

CYDERES has the ability to pull logs from Azure Event Hub. Event Hub is a fully managed, real-time data ingestion service. Current limitations of this integration include one hub per data type and limited throughput capacity. To learn more about and manage Event Hub scalability, review Scaling with Event Hubs. Click here to read more about Azure Event Hub.

Creating An Event Hub

  1. Azure has instructions online to create new Event Hubs via Azure portal. Feel free to follow this Event Hub Guide. Note: An Azure Event Hub Namespace is a collection of Event Hubs.
  2. IMPORTANT: A separate hub must be created for each data type.

Access Configuration

  1. When creating access for CYDERES, a separate consumer group only for CYDERES should be created. For more information regarding the creation of consumer groups, check out Event Consumers Overview & Azure Instructions.
  2. Send the following information for each hub created to CYDERES when completed:

From Azure:

  • Namespace
  • Name
  • Environment
  • ResourceUri
  • Identity (Azure Active Directory)
    • Tenant ID
    • Client ID
    • Client Secret or a Certificate/Password
  • Consumer Group (specific for CYDERES, group id)
  • All Partition IDs