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Cisco Firepower eStreamer

The Cisco Event Streamer (also known as eStreamer) allows you to stream FireSIGHT System intrusion, discovery, and connection data from the Cisco Defense Center or managed device (also referred to as the eStreamer server) to external client applications such as CYCLOPS.

Data Types

  • Cisco Firepower Firewall


Configure the eStreamer service on your Cisco Firepower device to send logs to your CYCLOPS forwarder.

See Cisco instructions for version 6.2 here.

See Cisco instructions for version 5.4 here.

Please note: as part of the eStreamer setup, you will generate a certificate file that you will provide to CYDERES. Please use a password for the certificate.

See CYCLOPS instructions here.

CYDERES will provide you with a port number, and CYDERES will also deploy an eStreamer client application to your CYCLOPS instance.

Gather Information

You will need to provide CYDERES with the certificate and password generated during the eStreamer service setup.