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Cloudflare produces data related to all traffic seen across your zones and audit logging to actions taken in the Cloudflare console. CYDERES utilizes this info to track attacks on the perimeter and respond accordingly.



  1. This integration requires a Cloudflare Enterprise subscription.
  2. A CYDERES representative is required to setup this integration.


  1. Login to the Cloudflare admin panel at
  2. Ensure the Enterprise domain you want to use with Logpush is selected.
  3. Select the Analytics app in the top menu.
  4. Select the Logs section in the secondary menu.
  5. Select Connect a service. A modal window opens where you will need to complete several steps.
  6. Under Select service, select Google Cloud Storage and click Next.
  7. Set the Bucket path as provided by CYDERES. Also select the option to have Daily subfolders. Select Validate access.
  8. A CYDERES engineer will provide an Ownership token written to the bucket. Enter in this token and Prove ownership.