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Ring Central App Permissions

  1. To begin getting this integrated, we need to create an App within Ring Central.


    From this screen click the create app button highlighted.

  2. Next step we need to fill out the type of authflow expected with this app.


    As this is automation (machine-to-machine), we need a 2-legged OAuth2 flow, so we need to ensure a non UI workflow is selected (which is highlighted in the screen above). To verify you have the correct item selected there is a side item that should appear showing available auth flows, we should see Password and Refresh Token with green checkmarks next to them as this is what the CYDERES integration will use.

  3. If we scroll down from the auth flow we will have some additional data to fill out.


    Here we need to select the level of access for this app. As this is not a shared app and this is not for any partnership, we select the access associated with your organization/company (selected in the screenshot above). We also do not want this app to be shared in the App Gallery so we can select No for that. After both are selected like in the screen above, we can go ahead and go to the next step.

  4. On this page we will fill out metadata and permissions about the app.


    Here we just need to have some app name/description so you can identify it amongst other apps you may have setup. This part is up to you if your company or organizations have specific standards that need to be met to enable this.

  5. Scrolling down from metadata, we need to specify the permission scope of the app.


    We need the highlighted permissions for the integration to work. You can also set the display name and primary contact for the integration which much like the app name/description is up to you. Once that is all filled out we should be able to create our app. Additional permissions are required based on the events CYDERES is expected to ingest. Look to the official documentation for the permissions required for each event type you wish us to ingest.

  6. Now that we have an app created, if you go into the dashboard for you newly created app we can find the credentials that need to be submitted to CYDERES to begin working this.


    The screen above shows what credential information needs to be submitted to CYDERES. HOWEVER we also need to know all the event types you wish to ingest so we can configure the webhook appropriately.

  7. Unfortunately this is not the end of the back and forth to get this setup as these are only sandbox credentials, we have to go through a promotion process to get them into your production environment. However your side is done until CYDERES has had the sandbox environment working for a while to exercise the permissions and meet the requirements to get credentials promoted. Due to our lack of access we have to rely on you to verify that our assumptions are correct. If they are not a CYDERES should be informed of any lacking requirements so that they can be met. Ring Central's official documentation should provide insight and guidance into the graduation process.

  8. If they do meet all requirements however, you should apply the app for production. Once that is submitted to and approved by Ring Central you will need to grab credentials again similar to step 6, but for production instead of sandbox, once CYDERES has that we should be able to begin ingesting logs.