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Office 365

The Office 365 integration provides audit logging for Azure Active Directory, Exchange, Sharepoint, Teams, and PowerBI among other products. Cyderes utilizes this information primarily to track user behaviors and monitor email for malicious entry points.

Azure App Prerequisite

For this integration, an Azure App must be created. More information can be found about how to do that in the documentation here.

Data Types

  • OFFICE_365


In the Cyderes Azure App, select API permissions from the sidebar. Then click the Add a permission button. Click APIs my organization uses and search for 'Office 365 Management APIs' and then select it. Click the Application permissions and click the check box next to the following permissions.

  • ActivityFeed
  • ServiceHealth

Once the permissions have been added, click the Grant admin consent for Cyderes button at the bottom of the page. At the top of the page it will ask for confirmation to finalize the permissions set. Important: Workspace Admin permissions are required to complete this step.

Gather Information

Provide the following information to Cyderes to complete implementation:

  • Identity (Azure Active Directory App)
    • Application (client) ID
    • Directory (tenant) ID
    • Secret ID
    • Secret Value