Cyderes offers a native ticket management system for our managed service clients, but some clients desire to incorporate these tickets into their own technologies and workflows for a variety of reasons. To make this possible for clients in a scalable, sustainable, and seamless fashion, Cyderes has developed a powerful bidirectional Application Programming Interface (API) accompanied by a supplemental unidirectional webhook system that enables near-real-time ticket management and empowers our clients to integrate their technologies and workflows with our own. This document presents an overview of our API and webhook options and highlights the benefits it brings to our clients who choose to take advantage of them.

What is the API used for?

The Cyderes Ticket System Integration (TSI) API is a RESTful API that serves as a gateway between our clients and our internal Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) system which provides a straightforward and secure means to programmatically create tickets, access ticket data, post comments, retrieve attachments, and close tickets programmatically. With this API, our clients can interact with our ticketing system effortlessly to enhance the entire ticket management process.

What is the Webhook used for?

In addition to our API, we provide a webhook system that complements the functionality of our API and enhances the real-time experience for our clients. Webhooks are utilized for receiving automated notifications or data payloads when specific events occur within our ITSM system. This feature offers a proactive approach to stay updated without the need for constant polling of the API.

By leveraging our webhooks, clients can receive instant notifications when a new ticket is created or an existing ticket is updated. These notifications can be sent directly to our clients specified endpoint, ensuring timely updates and enabling clients to take immediate action when necessary. Webhooks provide the following benefits:

  1. Real-Time Updates: Stay informed about ticket changes as they happen. Webhooks enable clients to receive instant notifications, keeping clients updated on the latest developments without manual intervention or polling.

  2. Event-Driven Workflow: With webhooks, clients can build event-driven workflows that automatically trigger actions based on specific events. For example, clients can configure systems to initiate internal processes or send notifications to relevant team members when certain events occur within our ITSM system.

Please note that webhook configuration is currently performed manually by the Cyderes team. To have a webhook configured, kindly reach out to our support team and provide the webhook endpoint URL along with the necessary credentials for making HTTP POST requests to that endpoint.

Please note that the API and webhooks described here are specifically designed for integrations with client case or ticket management systems. If you require ingestion of alert data please discuss ingestion options with your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

The Cyderes API and webhook system are designed to make our client's life easier by seamlessly integrating our ticket management processes into our client's current workflows. By reducing the need for manual intervention and pivoting between systems, clients can streamline operations and minimize disruptions. Before getting started, we recommend determining how our company's tickets should fit into your workflow. If necessary, work closely with your CSM to understand the flow of data and ensure a smooth integration process.