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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage

Cyderes supports the ingestion of data via Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage.

Cyderes Object Storage Best Practices

Best Practices

Caveats / Known Limitations

  • Notifications are currently not supported for OCI Object Storage


  1. Create a compartment and add the buckets to be consumed within it (OCI Documentation)
  2. Create a user for Cyderes to use and add an API key
  3. Create a group for the Cyderes user
  4. Create a policy allowing the Cyderes user to read buckets and objects in the Cyderes compartment (OCI Documentation)

Gather Information

Please send the following to Cyderes when setup is completed:

  • User OCID
  • User Private Key
  • Fingerprint of private key
  • Passphrase(optional field, send if applicable)
  • Tenancy Name
  • Tenancy OCID
  • Bucket Region(for valid regions, look at the Regions and Availability Domains Documentation)
  • Bucket Namespace
  • Bucket Name
  • Path(s) for objects to ingested