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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage

Cyderes supports the ingestion of data via the Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage.

Caveats / Known Limitations

Bucket must be batched and prefixes formatted with YYYY/MM/DD.


  1. Create a compartment and add the buckets to be consumed within it. A guide to compartments can be found here.
  2. Within the OCI console, create a user for Cyderes to use and add an API key
  3. Create a group for the Cyderes user. This group will use the policy below.
  4. Create a policy restricting the Cyderes user's access to only the buckets in the Cyderes compartment:

  5. Allow group \<Cyderes Group> to read buckets in compartment \<Cyderes Compartment>

  6. Allow group \<Cyderes Group> to read objects in compartment \<Cyderes Compartment>

Gather Information

Please send the following to Cyderes when setup is completed:

  • User OCID
  • User Private Key
  • Fingerprint of private key
  • Bucket Namespace
  • Bucket Name
  • Tenancy Name
  • Tenancy OCID