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JumpCloud Identity Provider Setup

This document describes the steps to configure JumpCloud as an Identity Provider to integrate with Cyderes. Cyderes will act as the SAML Service Provider or "SAML SP". Cyderes supports an SAML 2.0 with JumpCloud.

Configuring SSO

Adding a New Application

  1. Log in to the JumpCloud organization admin console.
  2. Click on the Applications link in the left side bar.
  3. Click on the + button in the left corner to add an application.
  4. Search for **SAML** in the Configure New Application search bar. Once you've found and selected SAML, click on the configure button on the right hand side.
  5. In the New Application screen, first give the application a meaningful Display Label.
  6. Upload the Service Provider Metadata provided by Cyderes by clicking the Upload Metadata button. Once the XML metadata file is uploaded, the following fields should auto-populate based on the fields in the supplied metadata SP Entity ID, ACS URL, SAMLSubject NameID, SAMLSubject NameID Format, and User Attributes.
  7. Fill out the IdP Entity ID field. This can be any string value, but Cyderes recommends copying the value from the ACS URL field (should have been populated by the metadata upload).
  8. Choose values for IdP Private Key and IdP Certificate in the Inbound SAML configuration. Follow the instructions below to generate a private key and certificate using OpenSSL provided here.
  9. Take the resulting private.pem and cert.pem files and upload them to the application configuration in JumpCloud.
  10. Give the application an IdP URL value at the bottom of the Configure New Application screen.
  11. When ready select save to save the configuration and add the SAML application.
  12. Now that the application is created, assign the new SAML application to a group by selecting the Groups configuration from the left sidebar.
  13. Once the desired group has been selected, open its configuration settings. In the Applications tab, make sure the newly created SAML application is assigned to this user group.
  14. Click save group to save the changes.

Gather Information

Export the SAML XML metadata from the JumpCloud application created above in step 10 to send to Cyderes.

  1. From the Applications menu in JumpCloud, select the check box next to the SAML application on the left hand side.
  2. The export metadata button will now turn from gray to green in the upper right hand corner. Clicking that button will caused the XML metadata file to be downloaded by the browser.
  3. Send this XML file to Cyderes. We will add the metadata to our own IdP instance to enable third party federation between our IdP systems.