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Cyderes supports the ingestion of Zoom's operational report logs.

Chronicle Data Types


Caveats / Known Limitations

There is at least one day of latency for data being ingested by this integration. The Zoom API only supports retrieving logs for an individual day and the Cyderes integration adds a buffer of 24 hours to ensure that all logs for the previous day are available.


The Cyderes Zoom integration relies on a Zoom Server-to-Server OAuth to be created in the Zoom account. In order for the integration to ingest operation logs, the report:read:admin scope must be given to the app.

Below is the documentation for creating a Server-to-Server OAuth app:

Reference Create a Server-to-Server OAuth app

Gather Information

Please provide Cyderes with the following from the created Server-to-Server OAuth app:

  • Account ID
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret