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Pure Storage

Pure Storage


Pure Storage is a leading provider of enterprise-grade, all-flash block, file, and object storage. Pure delivers a Modern Data Experience, allowing you to rely on innovative, cloud-ready solutions and the best experience in technology to transform data into powerful outcomes.

Product Details

Vendor URL: Pure Storage

Product Type: Data storage

Product Tier: Tier III

Integration Method: Syslog

Integration URL: n/a

Log Guide: n/a

Parser Details

Log Format: Syslog with GROK filters

Expected Normalization Rate: 90-95%


UDM Fields (list of all UDM fields leveraged in the Parser):

Log File Field UDM Field UDM Event Type
purity.audit metadata.product_log_id metadata
Array name observer.hostname observer
Controller Not mapped to UDM N/A
Interface Not mapped to UDM N/A
Module Not mapped to UDM N/A
Session network.session_id network
UTC Time metadata.event_timestamp metadata
User principal.user.userid principal
Location principal.ip principal
Sublocation Not mapped to UDM N/A
Action metadata.product_event_type metadata
Method principal.application principal
Result security_result.action security_result
Description metadata.description metadata

Product Event Types

Description metadata.event_type
All All events

Log Sample

<182>Jul  6 13:15:04 sysloghost purity.audit: (login message ID: 676886) Array name: 'array' Controller: 0 Interface: 'REST' Module: '' Session: 'session' UTC Time: 2021-07-06T18:15:03Z User: 'user' Location '' Sublocation: 'Java/11.0.10' Action: 'operation request' Method: '' Result: Success Description: ''

Sample Parsing

metadata.product_log_id = "login message ID: id"
metadata.event_timestamp = "2021-09-17T00:15:04Z"
metadata.event_type = "GENERIC_EVENT"
metadata.vendor_name = "Pure Storage"
metadata.product_event_type = "operation request"
metadata.ingested_timestamp = "2021-09-17T00:15:22.651580Z"
principal.user.userid = "username"
principal.ip = ""
observer.hostname = "array"
security_result.action = "ALLOW"
network.session_id = "id"

Parser Alerting

[In Progress] Objective of parsing was to create a rule for the following condition:

“Pure Storage” data parsing requested for creation of rule.

source:   “Pure Storage”
command:  “purevol destroy”


Coming soon