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Workspot Control



Workspot Control is the admin console IT admins use to provision and manage all their SaaS Cloud PCs and cloud workstations globally.

Product Details

Vendor URL: Workspot

Product Type: SaaS

Product Tier: Tier III

Integration Method: API

Integration URL: Workspot Control

Log Guide: Workspot Control Event Logs

Parser Details

Log Format: JSON

Expected Normalization Rate: near 100%


UDM Fields (list of all UDM fields leveraged in the Parser):

Log File Field UDM Field
"Workspot" metadata.vendor_name
"Control" metadata.product_name
description metadata.description
eventType metadata.product_event_type
clientVersion metadata.product_version
hostname observer.hostname
adUser principal.hostname
email principal.user.email_addresses
username principal.user.userid
location principal.location.country_or_region
location principal.location.state
network network.carrier_name
duration network.session_duration.seconds
hostname target.hostname
deviceOSVersion target.platform.version
device additional.fields
poolName additional.fields
eventName security_result.summary
severity security_result.severity
severity security_result.severity_details

Product Event Types

Product Event Description UDM Event
All All events GENERIC_EVENT

Log Sample

{"adUser":"","dateTime":"10/07/2022 21:18:02.594","description":"username started connection to desktop hostname in Persistent pool poolname","device":"STANDARD PREMIUM (2 vCPUs, 8GB RAM, 128GB)","email":"","eventName":"Connection Start","eventType":"VM Desktop","hostname":"hostname","location":"eastus","poolName":"poolname","severity":"Info","username":"username"}

Sample Parsing

metadata.event_timestamp = 1668179186
metadata.event_type = GENERIC_EVENT
metadata.vendor_name = "Workspot"
metadata.product_name = "Control"
metadata.product_event_type = "VM Desktop"
metadata.description = "username started connection to desktop hostname in Persistent pool poolname"
additional.fields.key = "Pool Name"
additional.fields.value = "poolname"
additional.fields.key = "User Device"
additional.fields.value = "STANDARD PREMIUM (2 vCPUs, 8GB RAM, 128GB)"
principal.hostname = ""
principal.user.userid = "username"
principal.user.email_addresses = ""
principal.location.country_or_region = "eastus"
observer.hostname = "hostname"
target.hostname = "hostname"
security_result.summary: "Connection Start"
security_result.severity: "INFORMATIONAL"
security_result.severity_details: "Info"

Parser Alerting

This product currently does not have any Parser-based Alerting


Coming Soon